my knuckles are sore 
from obsessive compulsive cleaning 
scrubbing off the germs 
of anxiety 
of mass hype 
and conspiracy theories 
that no soap or water 
will protect against – 
even bleach doesn’t singe 
the bacteria left behind 

being told to stay home 
is fine when you’ve been locked 
inside the confines of your mind 
for the longest of time 
we welcome you 
to your own personal hell, sanity 
the ones who claim they’re great 
now struggling the struggles 
we’ve fought for lifetimes 
now, us, the perceived weak ones 
are the strongest 
prepared for the psychological pandemic 
where four walls close in 
capturing thoughts 
and rumination  
snapping the synapses 
of confinement’s condemnation 
and thus, the realisation 
that all this sensationalisation 
is really about theories 
spunking across your screens 
after overindulging in too much 
arm chair expert masturbation 

next time you find yourself 
falling prey to the fluids 
others jerk off into their screens 
ask them to use a tissue 
to catch their panic spreading 
and stop that being our biggest issue 
turn off your news slut tv’s, 
feed your brain 
in other ways 
never mind what Doris next door says 
tap into the wise mind within 
this is not the apocalypse coming 
it’s not godly or devilish 
it’s the work of human hands 
and human carelessness 
the free will 
of nations 
and an over saturation
of fools 
suffering entitlement 
and greed 
it’s a lesson we must all hear 
and heed 
it’s no longer a must 
it’s now an absolute need… 

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