Opinions – Everybody has Them

we live in the days 
where it pays 
to have an opinion 
Instagram lives 
picking apart peoples lives 
when everyone is just trying 
their best to survive 

armchair experts recline 
in their expensive seats 
their armour, their anonymity, 
comfy socks cover calloused feet 

they don’t walk in the shoes 
of those they judge 
they love to sit and preach 
the only thing they care about 
is how many followers they’ll reach
they don’t take the time 
to consider the minds 
they speak about 
(being controversial gives them better social clout) 

more contradictory than the bible 
spouting more drivel than my ancient kettle
– feminists who tear down women for a cheap like, share, or follow 
– mental health advocates who judge those struggling with crippling sorrow 

everyone has an opinion 
but those “experts” pass them 
off as gospel fact 
they get angry when stood up to 
how dare you say that, how dare you react? 
full of self-importance 
how dare you use your voice
to stand against their oppressive echoes 
you shouldn’t have that choice! 

their preaching belongs in churches 
not on our social screens, 
especially when what you say 
is often not what you mean 
it’s obscene that your 
plasticine prophecies 
are riddled with disease 
your thoughts are edited heavily 
to fit the audience you’re trying to please 

just a little note to accompany what I wrote 
I say this as formality 
I won’t apologise 
for there is no reprise 
– you lack originality
but that’s just my opinion, 
but I’m sure I’ll find that you won’t mind 
‘Cause everybody has one…

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