Things I learn

Going to be brutally honest here. My mental health has been a challenge lately.

‼️all those times I avoided processing my emotions.
‼️all those times I pushed those emotions into a “lovely” little box labelled “later.”
‼️ all those times I’ve prioritised everything BUT me.

Yep, it’s catching up. Looks like I’ve overloaded that box and that lid is starting to open and paper is spilling out. Whoops.

I KNOW I have the tools to support myself back onto the right path, but the point to this entire blog is to remind myself (and to anyone who like me likes a bit of “bury head in sand” moments) that managing mental health is much easier than dragging yourself back up after you’ve spent ages neglecting it.

✅Lesson learned. (I hope).

Get out in nature

Things to remember

?get out in nature
? tell someone you’re struggling
? be kind to yourself and try to banish any negative thoughts that punish you.
? use your words in a journal to dump your thoughts and let them live on pages instead of your brain.
? prioritise self-care
?get good and stay good at saying no and setting boundaries
?celebrate the small things, not just when you’re struggling, but always
? remember that perfection does not exist, progress is achievable