The Cathartics of Writing

There is something hugely cathartic about writing – about sitting with my thoughts, my computer or iPad, and composing something to share.

I view this space here as “the void.” The space between reality and make believe. I can explore thoughts and feelings; concepts of life and morality, without guilt. My motivation here isn’t about building a following. It’s about getting the inside out in a healthy way.

Writing is cathartic to me.

If people stumble upon this ink here and relate or find my musings helpful, I’m pleased; however, I write these posts like no one will ever find them, will ever read them, and that helps hugely to reduce my own self-censorship.

I cannot heal if I censor my own thoughts and feelings. I need a place to purge and to explore, and ultimately, to aid my journey to recovery.

This is it. This is thingsifeel.

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