About Me

I am me.

Truth is, I am absolutely shocking at writing bios. Ironic, considering I am a writer. 

My issue with a bio is that it’s basically the equivalent of someone asking you “so, who are you?” My answer to that question is that I honestly don’t know. I’m pretty sure I don’t want to be able to answer that question either. 

Life is a journey. If I define myself right now it may inhibit my growth and the direction I may or may not take may be different if I’ve pigeonholed myself into what or who I think I am. I’m working on allowing myself to be who I am unapologetically. 

There are some truths about me that I will share but am not defined by, I guess I’ll start there. 


I have written creatively for a long time. Ever since I was a kid, long time. 

To begin with, it was poetry and short stories, my first short story being called “The Yellow Door” was written at the age of 6 – cringe. As I grew older, I began to write longer stories, articles (before blogs ever existed) and then as an adult, advertising and marketing content. 

Writing for me was a way to purge pain and fear as a youngster and that has followed me up until this very moment. I have no doubt it’ll continue until the day I cease to exist. 

I am shy and introverted yet found myself dabbling in spokenword poetry and performing on stage after being bullied (nicely) into it. I may revisit this in the future, but for now enjoy sharing my words on paperscreens for others to read aloud to themselves.


I love to read. 

My relationship with books began when I was really young, too. They were, and still are, a pure act of escapism. Getting lost in other worlds and within the lives of the characters between the pages helped turn off internal and external noise. 


I love history

The darker and macabre, the better. I love to read things about the distant path. Prehistoric medicine and medicine throughout the ages is one thing that definitely captures my attention, along with mythology and lore of any kind.


I love true crime documentaries.

This has also seeped into my reading too. Conversations with serial killers is one of my latest reads. Now, this may indicate the depravity of my brain, but I know of many people who find this stuff fascinating and I am no exception. I dig the fucked up stuff. Maybe as a reminder that while I have some fucked up avenues in my brain, my “fuckedupness” is trivial in comparison.


I love music

Music is everything to me. I have a varied taste in music and rather than loving one particular genre, if music makes me feel something – whatever that may be – I’ll love it. Strings are a love of mine – and I have a whole playlist of music that is full of strings and ivory keys singing with no vocal chords to accompany the melody.

Music can make me cry for no reason. It can make my heart race. It can soothe my sorrow and lessen my anger. I enjoy singing – and once, in my very distant past, used to sing on stage. Now, I am way too introverted and shy to do that again.

I can play a number of instruments and love the freedom and creativity it affords me. When my words fail, I have a voice through the music.


I love Attenborough.

Don’t think I need to say more on this. He is a legend and has been someone who educates me on all things animal since I was young.

There’s definitely more I could add and expand upon here, like my love for binge-watching said documentaries and docuseries on streaming services, my love for RPGs, my love for nature, the outdoors, people-watching, hugs, solitude, silence, and more, but instead I’m going to tell you what the bloody hell things i feel is all about.

What is this all about?

things i feel is all about the things I feel. This may come from things I see, or things I hear – but none of that matters. This space isn’t really for my pleasure or for masses of hits from you folk who stumble upon it. It’s a space to explore my emotions, my thoughts and feelings; through the medium of poetry, blogs, and whatever else manifests through the pixels in this webverse.

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