my chest cracks open breast bone splinterspoltergeist pulses from the ruby in the centre of its cage shatters – a million shards of me explode droplets flicker to the floor pain rains from me blood red rivers run reflecting the moons majesty the irony, my incapable innards on display not worthy of its shimmerfrom the skies i salute its beauty with screams chin tilted to the clouds bellowing excruciation, the emaciation of my Continue Reading


This poem comes from an observation. With all this craziness going on in the world, it has allowed us all a lot more time at home. Whilst being at home, I have found myself being mindful, being more present in the moment. Observing things – whether this be literal from outside my windows, or through Continue Reading


my knuckles are sore from obsessive compulsive cleaning scrubbing off the germs of anxiety of mass hype and conspiracy theories that no soap or water will protect against – even bleach doesn’t singe the bacteria left behind  being told to stay home is fine when you’ve been locked inside the confines of your mind for the longest of time we welcome you to your own personal hell, sanity the ones Continue Reading

The World Has Gone Mad

Online shoppingis a regular occurrence saves me overspending on shiny things I think I need but don’t that I think I’ll use but won’t the magpie syndrome has pecked me and my eyes catch the little gadgets that end up at the back of a cupboard left lonely never to be used or seen again.  Online shopping occurred last night booked my slot told I have fifty-ish minutes to fill my basket to ensure my slot doesn’t Continue Reading

empty lines

the lines around my eyes depict the happiness that once graced my porcelain now, they’re hollow effigies –canyons of symphonies that no longer echo their chords carried by the breeze, instead absorbed by melancholies mist  lips still upturn in a smile-like poise but lack the grace of bliss that hums of ecstasy euphoria, a distant whisper that can only be heard in the depths of lungs that won’t exhale elation when sorrow’s smoke Continue Reading

things i feel but don’t say

knotted tongue thoughts feelings buried in the bowels of introversion where flowers grow where the grass is thick and green where rivers flowcalm and serene with a dash of awkwardness when social interaction is essential to form bonds  but those bonds never get formed because they tie my tongue the air in my lungs whistle the melodies of all the things i wish i’d have said but didn’t the things i desperately wanted to say but couldn’t  i Continue Reading